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"Perseverance produces character;
and character, hope." (Romans 5:4)

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Learning at Immanuel

Careers Education

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Careers education at Immanuel College seeks to break down barriers and broaden horizons to enable ‘All God’s Children’ to aspire and succeed.

Our careers education is judged against the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks, the national threshold for outstanding careers education set out by the government.

Immanuel College achieved the Quality in Careers Award in 2023 and is currently a national case study. Through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, we work alongside the Careers Hub to unlock the business and enterprise potential of the future in our students.

Immanuel College is also a Go Higher school, working with the National Collaborative Outreach Programme to get first generation students into higher education and apprenticeships.

We conduct termly reviews of our careers provision set against the Gatsby Benchmarks to evaluate the impact our programme has on student outcomes. This evaluation is shared with the Local Authority who support our provision.

Mr Alan Dorr is our Career Lead in school.
To contact him please e-mail or telephone 01274 425900

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Case Studies

Georgia Haran
Apprentice Chartered Accountant

“Hi, I’m Georgia, a previous Immanuel College student who left Post 16 in May 2021. I sat my GCSEs in 2019 and my A levels in 2021. I am now an Apprentice Chartered Accountant with Mazars.

I started in Post 16 in September 2019 with the ambition of becoming an Architect when I left. Towards the end of Year 12 (during covid) I started looking into what different paths I could take to get into the world of Finance

Fast forwarding to today, I am now nearly a year into my four-year apprenticeship with Mazars and I am loving it. I have met some friends for life with and the theory that apprentices don’t have as much of a social life as uni students definitely isn’t true! I am studying towards a Level 7 qualification which enables me to be a chartered accountant at the age of 22. I wouldn’t change the path I went down, choosing an apprenticeship over university was definitely the right decision for me and I am very glad that I have got to where I am today with help from the Immanuel Post 16 team.”

David Wilkinson

Apprentice Chartered Accountant

“I attended Immanuel College from Year 7 through to Year 13.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Immanuel College and was able to get the education and support needed to get me to the role I am today. I am currently a Police Constable working full time in the Bradford district as well as attending Leeds Trinity University, getting a degree as well as earning a salary. I am loving my experiences and learning loads. I cannot thank Immanuel College and the teaching staff who supported me into this role enough.”

Student Entitlement

All students at Immanuel College from Year 7 to Year 13 are entitled to:

  • Impartial advice on academic and technical pathways
  • Access to information freely from local providers about the opportunities they offer, including apprenticeships and other technical pathways. This is done through a range of activities (e.g. careers fairs, assemblies, taster days)
  • Independent careers appointments with a level 6 careers advisor at critical points in their time at Immanuel (at least one appointment up to Year 11, with at least an additional at Post 16). This support is tracked and is personal to the student.

For more information, please see our careers policy found in the policies section of the website.

Careers Education Programme

Providers, please note the opportunities for access are highlighted in blue.
Please consult the careers policy with how and who to contact.

Year 7

  • In PSALM Year 7 develop the communication skills of active listening, negotiation, offering and receiving constructive feedback and assertiveness. The form time schedule also accounts for student reflections of their progress allowing them to become proactive individuals in preparation for life after education
  • Students commence the Career of the Week programme as part of the PCH slot of the form tutor programme (Year 7-11 programme)
  • Students complete a Dragons’ Den style activity day further developing their creative and presentation skills within a team environment. Select teams will be judged by a panel of business leaders
  • We run a Yorkshire Water girls in STEM careers trip.

Year 8

  • From Year 8 there is a statutory obligation to teach careers within the wider PSALM programme. At Year 8 students learn about effective organisational, research and presentation skills, personally review their employability and consider strategies for developing their employability skills. Students also learn about local and national Labour Market Information and careers and jobs routes
  • STEM careers activity days, introducing students to the transferrable skills required to succeed with these careers.

Year 9

  • At Year 9, in PSALM, students learn about different types of employment and how these relate to education and life experiences. Students learn about working rights, health and safety in the workplace, clarifying their own aspirations. Students reflect on the benefits of being ambitious and enterprising in all aspects of life, and enterprising skills and terminology, such as productivity and marketing. Particularly pertinent is the concept of students’ own personal ‘brand’ which can be damaged or enhanced using social media
  • Students develop their communication skills in a Murder, Mystery event led by a local theatre group
  • Students participate in the Broadening Horizons careers fair
  • The Go Higher strategy (run by the National Collaborative Outreach Programme – NCOP) commences in Year 9, with Immanuel College’s onsite Progression Officer working closely with students with a variety of internal and external activities. The strategy aims to increase the awareness of targeted students to university courses and higher-level apprenticeships.

Year 10

  • At Year 10 in PSALM students evaluate their own personal strengths to inform goal setting with careers in mind. Students learn how to recognise discrimination in the workplace. Continuing from Year 9, students develop their understanding of the importance of maintaining a professional online ‘presence’ and managing the risks social media brings. Students also learn about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace, the role of employers, employees and unions
  • Year 10 students are inducted into using Unifrog to help plan their Post 16 and Post 18 pathways
  • Go Higher strategy (see above)
  • Mock interviews organised by external providers
  • A one-week work experience that takes place in July of every year
  • Participation in Bradford Manufacturing Weeks activities (every October).

Year 11

  • At Year 11 in PSALM students learn how to recognise and follow health and safety procedures in the workplace. Students consider the wider implications of illegal substance abuse, especially its impact on current and future employment, and therefore personal lifestyle. Students examine a number of inspirational people to model how they should develop their career identity and maximise their chances of success when applying for jobs. This includes the use of the Unifrog platform to assist students in writing a CV
  • Year 11 will take part in employability sessions around managing their personal ‘brand’ and professional conduct
  • Go Higher strategy (see above)
  • We host a variety of assembly speakers, including the Armed Forces, local manufacturers and apprenticeship providers Assembly speakers
  • Attendance at external apprenticeship and higher education fairs.

Post 16

  • In Year 12 students are involved in the Progression Module, a year-long programme which aims to prepare students for higher education and the world of work. This is facilitated by Leeds Beckett University
  • Post 16 undertake a programme of PSHE and life skills covering topics such as managing your time, choosing the right university, relationships and consent, gambling awareness and mental health
  • Year 12 students are given time to undertake work experience for two weeks in July or provided with a fortnight of internal and external events focused around ‘getting ready for work’ and ‘getting ready for university’ where students are invited to visit local universities and engage with finding apprenticeships. Keynote speakers are invited to equip students with better knowledge of routes into their chosen career paths
  • The College’s in house provision runs the UCAS application programme for universities
  • External providers run programmes to help students with high GCSE grades from deprived backgrounds access selective universities, such as the Sutton Trust’s Summer School, the Spruce Programme (with a focus on law as a career), the Aspiring Professionals Programme from the Social Mobility Foundation, the Rotary Youth Leadership Award, HE+ (resources created by Cambridge University academics and students) and resources from HM Treasury.

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