All God's Children

"Perseverance produces character;
and character, hope." (Romans 5:4)

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History Intent

“Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain a child forever.” Cicero

The history curriculum at Immanuel College has as its foundation the belief that all children are God’s children. For us in humanities, our values of perseverance, character and hope underpin all our work.

The intent of the history curriculum is to:

  • show you (students) and remind you that you have a personal identity that is made by local, national and international events and people from the past 1 We aim to help you find your own purpose2
  • give you the power through your experience of history to recognise whether what you’re hearing, seeing and experiencing is fact or opinion, developing your confidence as an independent thinker and decision maker
  • provide a model for how to investigate the unknown, including where to go for information if you have none, comparing facts and opinions and building within you an attitude of perseverance to find out answers
  • prepare you to navigate your duties as a citizen of Britain, developing your emotional, social and political awareness, so that you can be included in the decisions we make as a country3
  • raise your confidence in speaking and writing, and to develop your ability to form clear, coherent arguments
  • help you become an original thinker, by forming connections between topics and themes in history
  • broaden your personal hopes and aspirations for the future, by following the lead of inspirational historical individuals4

1where every member of the school community is respected, valued and celebrated

2“reach their God-given potential”

3Embracing Jesus’s mission to serve others, we are dedicated to tackling disadvantage and fostering social justice and sustainability, equipping students with the knowledge, empathy and skills to make a positive impact and advocate for those facing challenges in our local and global communities.

4“we develop character in our students.”

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