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Media Studies

Why choose this subject?

Studying the media means studying the images, messages, signs and symbols we are bombarded with every day from TV screens, phones, magazines and billboards. You will evaluate and analyse a variety of media products from contemporary video games to post-war advertisements. You will also develop practical skills spanning a range of media forms.
If you like watching and talking about news and current affairs, film, new music artists, adverts or gaming, then Media Studies could be for you. Students with strong opinions about the world around them are welcomed!

Some of the questions we explore include:

  • How and why stereotypes can be used positively and negatively
  • How audiences are grouped and categorised, including by age, gender, social class and lifestyle
  • How audiences interpret the media, including how they may interpret the same media in different ways.

What will you study?

Year 12

The focus is on understanding key media language and theory, and applying this learning to a range of texts.
Students will also create a media product for their coursework such as a magazine, a website, or a TV show opening.

Year 13

Year 13 builds on the understanding gained in Year 12, introducing a wider range of texts from different
historical periods and global settings. There will be a second piece of coursework in this year.

How is this course assessed?

The A Level Media Studies is assessed through examinations and the submission of coursework.


What next?

An A Level in Media Studies provides a good foundation for degree-level study of the subject, in addition to related degree options such as Journalism. It is a great choice for those considering careers in advertising and marketing, journalism, and TV/film production.

Expect to spend time working independently on research and coursework. You will need some technical skills with programmes such as Photoshop and Premiere, or at least the willingness to learn.


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