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Film Studies

Why choose this subject?

Film Studies develops an in-depth understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film, both for academic and personal fulfilment. Studying for this A Level you will develop an interest and awareness of how film communicates emotional and intellectual responses to its audience. You will also develop a passion for film which will last a lifetime.
A Level Film Studies thoroughly explores the different film forms and styles, adding another dimension to your own knowledge and experience. Who knows… you might be the next big thing in the world of film!

What will you study?

On this A Level you will study a range of different films that will give you an insight into the wide variety of genres and equip you with the skills to critically analyse and produce your own content.

How is this course assessed?

  • Component 1: (35%, 2½hr exam) – Study of three US films from the past and present (current films studied are Some Like it Hot [1959], Get Out [2017], La La Land [2017] and Bonnie and Clyde [1967]).

  • Component 2: (35%, 2½hr exam) – Study of 4 global films: two British, one global, and one European non-English language (current films studied are This is England [2012], Shaun of the Dead [2004], Pan’s Labyrinth [2006] and House of Flying Daggers [2004]). Students also study a documentary film (Stories We Tell [2012]), a silent film (Sunrise [1927]), and an experimental film (Memento [2000]).


Subject Maps

Film Studies KS5

Curriculum Plans

Year 12 Film

Year 13 Film

What next?

An A Level in Film Studies can lead to a wide range of careers including pre-production roles in sponsorship, finance, business, screen-writing, or production roles, for example; filming, co-ordination and logistics, producer, or even post-production in careers such as; marketing, promotions and editing.
An A Level Film Studies will also provide you with UCAS points and transferrable skills which are desirable for employment or Higher Education.


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